Hello, I’m s5ean.

"Hey everyone, this is s5ean, from the now banned MicrosoftSoftwareSwap, I started selling on reddit back in August of 2014 and for 8 years I provided software keys to the members of reddit, Unfortunately on October 5th 2022 reddit decided to take down our subreddit. I have been scrambling to message as many old customers I can find so that they can find me but I decided to make this website so that people can google my name and find me this way. Below you will find a link to my discord name and official Microsoftsoftwareswap server, as well as a photo for products and pricing”

Beware of a Reddit imposter that goes by Phrasedi. He runs a clone subreddit that has copied every single detail of my old sub, and also a discord account calling himself S5ean. Recently he’s also promoting a discord server pretending to be me. Any other discord links or accounts other than the ones listed on this site are not me. Buy at your own risk.

Fake Reddit Profile Pretending to be S5ean

Need proof I'm the real s5ean? click the link below to see an archived version of my post and you'll see the discord name I listed matches with the one on this website (s5ean#9505), also feel free to reach out on my new reddit account made on October 5th, the day the subreddit was banned. I can’t bring back the subreddit, but they can’t take away the archive of it’s history. Thank you for your continued support!

I’ll only be doing sales on discord now, but you can reach me on my new profile link below

Now that you found me and verified it’s really me, and not some imposter, BookMark this Page, so you never lose me again!

Join my discord server via the link below so you can find me and buy from me.

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We offer great prices and reliability of inventory, readily available in some of the most popular Software and Operating systems such as but not limited to the following:

  • Windows 10 Home/Pro

  • Windows 11 Home/Pro

  • Office 2016/2019/2021

  • Server 2019/2022 standard/datacenter

  • Office Home And Business For Mac 2019/2021

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